As your car draws power from the engine’ combustion process, there is always be heat due to the burning of fuel.

However, the cooling system does its work to keep the extra heat away to allow your car’s engine function properly.

However, you won’t be in the middle of nowhere with an overheating car. The cooling system has a task to do to manage the excessive heat from your. But, there may be some instances when it may stop working and lead to a heated condition.

A car utilizes two ways to cool its engine. One is using the coolant or antifreeze. It is a liquid to manage the temperature once it comes in contact with engine. Other is the engine oil that also helps in getting things cool down.

However, a cooling system failure is not just one reason behind an overheated car. There are a whole lot of reasons that might be cause a car to overheat. Read on these factors here.

Defective Thermostat

This part of your car cooling system manages the flow of the coolant. It controls the flow of the coolant, especially when the engine heats.

It consist a valve that does the trick when to open and get closed as per requirement.

Due to unexpected reasons, if the thermostat cannot its work properly, your cars will surely going to heat. The engine radiator might not get the proper supply of coolant and surely won’t cool the engine.

However, if you have noticed overheating more frequently, just utilize a specialist service at Service My Car.

Moreover, you can utilize the car scanning and diagnostics service during car maintenance to prevent such a condition in advance.

Malfunctioning Radiator

Radiator performs its duty to cool down the hot coolant. In general, the coolant tries to absorb the temperature of the engine.
Then, it runs through the radiator so the fan can blow coolant’s heat out in the environment.

However, if a radiator or its fan has any defect, the coolant cannot get the heat blown out and remains hot.

Besides, there might be some sort of leakage of coolant around the radiator. It surely does not help a car’s engine to become cool.

However, it is always worth to approach a service centre such as Service My car for an instant car repair and avoid the bad situation such as overheating.

Terrible Water Pump

To get a car engine work properly, it is necessary for the coolant to flow through the cooling system. However, the water pump takes this responsibility.

In case, the water pump is damaged, the coolant cannot circulate through the engine. It surely does not get your car’s engine cool down.

Look for a specialized service to get your vehicle working fine as soon as possible.

Low Engine Oil

Engine oil does more than that just a lubricant between many moving parts of an engine. It also helps in managing the temperature to some extent. The engine oil keeps the internal temperature under control.

However, a low level of engine oil surely does not have the capacity to perform its tasks. Low or extensively used oil cannot stop the internal temperature to rise. This leads to an overheating condition and eventually damage to the engine internally.

However, your car goes for a car oil change during the routine car service. In case, the engine oil has gone low, you should come to a service centre as soon as possible so that you can avoid the expensive car engine repair.

Low Level or Wrong Coolant

A coolant works under the hood to calm down a car’s engine. However, there might be a leakage somewhere around the engine. This might not be visible while you just experience an overheated engine.

Besides, your car’s engine might be overheating even after exchanging the coolant too. Not Sure about the cause! It is a wrong coolant, you have used in your car.

This might require some sort of expertise to get to know more about the issue. You can come to the Service My Car for a quick inspection and our experts help in getting the entire flush out of cooling system to replace the proper one.

Worn Out Hoses

Cooling system entirely relies on the many hoses to do the job. These hoses help in propelling the coolant through the system.
However, a mere wear in any the hose has the adverse effect to entire system. It leaks the coolant to reduce it in quantity.

Therefore, it is worth considering that the worn hoses might lead to an overheating condition. You have to be sure about the issue by visiting the Service My Car at the earliest.

Faulty Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

Modern cars are equipped with the sensor that sends the information to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). One such task is to assist the ECU to determine when to turn on or shut the cooling fan.

Sensors sense the coolant temperature to intimate the computer about the condition. However, if a sensor fails, the whole process may get jeopardize. This surely causes car to overheat in no time.

However, an engine diagnosis is a sure shot remedy to many technical issues including sensor failure. You can easily avail it at Service My Car.

A car might overheat dues to many reasons as above stated. Some might have normal impact while others might be hazardous enough to make a hole in your pocket.

While a car service might let you keep ahead of these issue. But, if you take timely action, you may avoid loses. Just call us or book a service online.

If you are looking for any kind of Mazda oman then you can get help from car service provider such as Service My Car, omanicar, autoresort and more.
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