Motorways are for our comfort because they make commuting fast and exciting. Before getting on the road, you cannot ignore the sunny sky, the whispering greenery, and those waves of joy.

While taking precautions, driving on a highway might be enjoyable. There would be particular difficulties when driving a car at high speeds.

Every year, 1.3 million people lose their lives in traffic-related incidents. Another 20 to 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries, and many of them go on to become disabled.

On the road, careless driving and poorly maintained vehicles frequently result in fatalities. As a result, although travelling by highway is typically enjoyable and relaxing, things can quickly become unpleasant. But while some things are always beyond your control, others are.

Here, we are sharing some valuable tips for drivers who love to cruise on the motorway.

Adhere to a constant speed

Sometimes, a major cause of clash turns out to be the unpredictability of the ongoing vehicle or a road condition.

You might be good at your place, but another vehicle might have taken a wrong overtake, or it may be out of control.

Therefore, it is wise to drive at constant speed most preferably lower the speed limit. Besides, take extra caution while you are driving in night or wet condition. Constant fluctuation in speed might distract your focus as well as disturb fellow vehicles too.

Maintain a safe distance

However, when overtaking, many drivers become agitated, especially when experiencing an adrenaline rush. They might disregard the "keep your distance" rule in this circumstance.

Sticking to the speed limit and maintaining a safe distance from the car in front gives the driver more time to react to potential collision scenarios and avoid crashes. Keep in mind that you need more space for a safe halt when moving quickly. A safe distance should therefore be your top priority.

Maintain optimal tyre pressure

While driving on motorways, the tyres are always under pressure. There is enough chance of a tyre bursting if it is under inflated. Similarly, the over inflated tyres also pose the risk of damage due to heat generated during long driving.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain optimal tyre pressure or PSI level as per your owner’s manual. If you encounter a flat tyre, you can use a spare tyre or call for roadside assistance at Service My Car.

Decide on a proper lane

The right lane is for fast cars and those who prefer to overtake on most motorways, which have three lanes. Trucks and other slow moving vehicles should use the middle lane. If there isn't any traffic, the majority of cars use the middle lane.

Use the turn indicator when changing lanes to signal to other drivers what you're about to do. Before accelerating to overtake, make sure there is a good gap in the overtaking lane.

Take care of blind spots

Blind spots are those areas where you cannot observe the surrounding vehicles. As a driver, you should take care of blind spots as they always prove to be dangerous, especially during sharp turns or overtaking.

Overtaking at a blind spot is one of the major reasons of highway mishaps. Overtake only when the road is clear.

Maintenance of a car

There is no doubt that your car needs to be in perfect condition if you hit the motorway more often. At high speeds, a car goes under a lot of pressure. Its engine runs on high RPMs, so the wheels rotate at a high speed.

This needs a considerable involvement of each part of your vehicle so that you can drive with a sense of comfort and assured safety.

However, it is possible if you emphasize on proper car maintenance and tune-up. Whether it is car oil change or rotating your tyre, your actions always prove beneficial to you.

A well-maintained vehicle is essential for a better driving experience on the motorways, first and foremost. Make sure the vehicle's brakes, engine, tyres, and all other vital components are in excellent working order before it hits the road. Inefficient braking, high-speed tyre bursts, and errant steering systems are frequently observed in vehicles with a history of poor maintenance.

Besides, get your vehicle inspected with a professional car scanning and diagnostics service at Service My Car. If you keep things intact, your vehicle will not betray you.

Travelling is not something you can avoid, but you can mitigate the risk while enhancing the safety. It requires you to be aware of certain things about your car while keeping it in top shape. Motorways should be for great journeys, not for hurting yourself and your vehicle.

Service My Car should be a valuable assistant in keeping your car in top condition. Your visit assures a good fate for your vehicle as well as yourself too. You can arrange an appointment for a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

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