Chocolate Cyst - What it is and What to Do About It

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Thursday, June 01 2023, 06:18 PM
Are your female parts messing up on you right now...(your gyny just told you that you've got an endometrial "chocolate" cyst)... could you not even imagine having sex anyway, no matter how hot your partner or the guy next door is? You know it would probably hurt like heck.. and besides, you need to shave your toes and who else knows where! You're not feeling at all sexy... in fact you feel rather like a bloated fat cow! Guess how I feel?

Well, when you've got "endo", then endometrial 朱古力瘤手術 cysts, known also as chocolate cysts because they contain dark, old blood are often just around the corner. I love chocolate, but to have something named like it in my body is gruesome. Endometriosis is causing me enough pain already, but now this on top it it, it is really unnerving.

The other day my mum called, and I told her that the doc said I'd an "endometrial chocolate cysts", and guess what she said? She said why don't you write about it, they're so many women out there who have the same worries like you. I think she is actually right, why not?

O.k., so just let me go back to what I said about these chocolate cysts that are not sweet at all. You can find them also under "endometrioma", or endometrioid cyst.
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