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Thursday, July 30 was World Friendship Day. We know how important friends are even if we have to be physically distant. Thanks to phones, mail, and the internet, we can keep in touch with friends who are far away. Here are some activities to share with the friends that are near and can allow for social distancing outdoors or inside.

Have a Rhyming Circle

Everyone stands apart in a circle. A first "leader" says a word (like "bat"). Going around the circle to the right, each child says a word that rhymes with it. Continue around the circle until you're back to the leader. The game continues with each person having a turn as the leader. You can create silly challenges (like doing 5 jumping jacks) if someone gets a word wrong, or can't think of something.

Play an old fashioned game of Kickball

For five or more people, this is a great game to play in a wide open space. This game is similar to baseball but without the gloves and bats. Using a large ball like a volleyball or small beach ball, each player has to kick the ball that is rolled to them by a pitcher and run around bases to get home.

Friendship bracelets

For those who are feeling crafty and want to share some quiet time together, here is a video for anyone who wants to begin to create and share some simple friendship bracelets.

Check out some of these books that are available now at the library.

Melia and Jo ~ Aronson

Friendship Accordin to Humphrey ~ Birney

Stubby: A Story of True Friendship ~ Foreman

Owen and Mzee: The Language of Friendship ~ Hatkoff

A Scarf for Keiko ~ Malaspina

The Little Pink Rosebud ~ Shand

A Friend for Bear ~ Smallman

Visit our website to search the catalog for these books and more to place an order for curbside pick-up.

Look for these books and more on Overdrive and hoopla.

Bink & Gollie, Best Friends Forever ~ DiCamillo

You Can't Have Too Many Friends ~ Gerstein

Friendship Bracelets ~ Gryski

Best Friends ~ Hale

Frog & Toad Are Friends ~ Lobel

Big Nate & Friends ~ Peirce

Big Friends ~ Sarah

Friends ~ Steinkraus

Look for more news on upcoming programs from the library on Monday!

Be safe and healthy!

Vicki DiSanto-Children's Librarian Beth Levine- Library Assistant

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