Spookathon TBR

I’ll be participating in two readathons this month: Spookathon, a week-long readathon that runs from Oct. 14 through 20, and Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, which will be held from 8 a.m. on Oct. 26 to 8 a.m. on Oct. 27. Dewey’s does not have specific prompts, so I’ll decide what I’m in the mood to read on the evening before or morning of the readathon. This leaves me with one readathon-related TBR to craft: the one for Spookathon.

Spookathon combines three of my favorite readathon features: It’s one week long, has low-key (and delightfully subjective) prompts, and is seasonally themed. Generally, I try to manage my expectations, so I’m picking three books to fulfill its five prompts. If I manage to read four or five books, so much the better. You can tell from the title that it's an October-themed reading event, hence an opportunity finally to read the spooky (ahem) books I bought on impulse earlier this year. And of course, I have to have at least one fantasy novel because that genre is my current reading obsession.

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor (prompt 4)

This is for the prompt to read a book with a spooky title. I read the first chapter recently and can confirm that the mood is decidedly spooky, though the first chapter did not clarify for me quite what this book is about. All I know is that there is a librarian (yay!), a mythical lost city, and some warriors.  

Watching you by Lisa Jewell (prompts 1 and 5)

Here is one of those impulse-buy thrillers I mentioned above. I'll be reading it to fulfill the prompts to read a thriller and to read something I normally wouldn’t. I’m a gigantic scaredy cat with an overactive imagination. Reading thrillers can be hazardous to my sleep schedule. But darn it, I bought this book, and I will read it, and I will check two prompts off the list in the process. It seems to be about a group of people who spy on each other, which will probably make me paranoid about my neighbors. A possible upside, though, is that maybe I’ll finally get curtains for my downstairs windows.

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman (prompts 2 and 3)

It wouldn’t be an October readathon without some magic, eh? Practical Magic revolves around two sisters from Massachusetts (bonus for a New England setting) who longed to escape their hometown but are drawn back to it, according to the book description, "as if by magic" (wink, nudge). This will fulfill the prompts to read a book with red on the cover and to read a book with a spooky word in the title. What’s more spooky than “magic,” I ask you?

The prompts:
1. Read a thriller
2. Read a book with red on the cover
3. Read a book with a spooky word in the title
4. Read a book with a spooky title
5. Read something you wouldn’t normally read

Are you participating in any readathons this autumn or reading seasonally in the month of October?


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