On the Children's Shelf: "The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors" by Drew Daywalt

"Long ago,
in an ancient and distant realm called
the Kingdom of Backyard,
there lived a warrior named

So begins "The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors" by Drew Daywalt. This book is sure to make it onto many young readers' favorite book lists.
Daywalt introduces his readers to Rock, a warrior looking for an opponent who can truly battle him. He meets many challengers in the backyard, but none can beat him. Meanwhile Paper and Scissors are looking for their own worthy challengers. All three set out on their own journeys to find someone who can possibly truly challenge them.
The three meet, and the battle begins. "'Round and 'round they went, in the most massive and epic three-way battle of all time!" Who will be victorious ... Rock, Paper, or Scissors?
This book is hilarious and amazing, and I highly recommend it. Any child (or adult) who has played rock, paper, scissors will delight in this legend. I will definitely be giving copies of this book to several young readers in my life.


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