On the Children's Shelf: "Louisiana's Way Home" by Kate DiCamillo

One of my children came home from school so excited. She asked if we could "please, please, please go to the library." When I asked why, she said she wanted me to take out a copy of Louisiana's Way Home by Kate DiCamillo. She is reading it at school, and it is the best book ever. She insists it is far better than any other book she has previously recommended.
We checked the library, but all copies were checked out. I debated requesting it, but the she said "I love it so much, I wish we could read it at the same time." I thought back to the column I wrote in November on my thoughts about how to raise a reader. My child is asking to read this book together. She has told me how much she loves it so far and wants me to read it. 
To see her that happy about a book, I knew we needed to get a copy so I could read it at the same time that she is reading it. I want her to know that I value her book recommendations. I want her to know that if it is important to her that we both read the book, then it is important to me too. I can't wait until she gets out of school, and I can tell her I bought a copy. Thank you, Kate DiCamillo, for writing a book that makes my child this excited about reading, for writing a book that will make her so happy when I tell her that I bought a copy, and thank you to her wonderful teacher who introduced her to this book.
Check back next week to hear more about this book!


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