On the Children's Shelf: The Princess Bride

There are very few books and movies that I love equally. I often read a book with the movie I would like to see in my mind, except I'm not a filmmaker nor do I imagine any filmmakers are interested in the very specific details I hoped to see. I usually wish that instead of being turned into a two-hour movie, filmmakers could simply make the 12-hour, extremely detailed, version I pictured in my mind while reading. I would guess that most filmmakers don't think viewers would sit there for 12 hours watching that movie...I totally would.
There is however one exception, a book and movie I love...The Princess Bride. I love this book. I love this movie. It would be inconceivable to love one and not the other. The story has something for everyone...romance, fencing, a giant (played by Andre the Giant in the movie), rodents of unusual size, and so much more....in both the book AND the movie. Obviously, they aren't exactly the same, but they are similar enough and yet distinct enough that they are both amazing.
In 2017, my mom gave me the coolest gift ever...a signed copy of The Princess Bride. She knew it is my favorite, and when she met William Goldman, she knew a signed book would be the most amazing gift ever (and it definitely was). 
Last night, William Goldman passed away at the age of 87. Today, I will revisit some amazing characters in my beloved copy of The Princess Bride, and I will watch the movie again this weekend. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, please join me. This epic fairy tale should be enjoyed in both book and movie format.


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