On the Children's Shelf: "The Song From Somewhere Else" by A. F. Harrold

A friend recently told me that I *had to* read "The Song From Somewhere Else" by A. F. Harrold. I love that kind of recommendation, so I immediately borrowed a copy from the library and dove in.

The book opens with Frank who is searching for her missing cat and trying to avoid (unsuccessfully) her classmate who has been bullying her. The bully sees her in the park and destroys all her missing cat posters. Frank is desperate to get away from him, and someone comes to her rescue ... another classmate, Nick. While Frank is relieved to be saved, Nick is the classmate all the kids avoid because there's something different about him. Frank wants nothing to do with Nick because she is afraid of what the other children will think, but she feels torn because he is being so nice to her. As much as she doesn't want to be his friend, there is something about him drawing her to him.

While at his house, Frank hears this music playing ... music unlike any she has heard before. The music is beautiful and calming but has this unique quality unlike anything she has heard before. She asks Nick about it, but all he says is that it is music his dad plays while he paints. Frank feels this overwhelming curiosity about the music and sneaks back to Nick's house at night to try to find out more about the music.

Frank discovers the source of the music, and this knowledge endangers her friend Nick. Now she needs to help save Nick just like he helped her. Can she help fix things?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it was so well written that parts actually made my heart race while reading. I couldn't put it down. It isn't for the younger reader, and parts are definitely scary, but it's really good, and the amazing story is matched with equally beautiful illustrations. I loved looking at the pages as much as I enjoyed reading the book. Be sure to check out this great new book.


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