Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge: 5 Times Luke is Hagrid

Anna: Your chaperoning got rave reviews.
Luke: Really?
Anna: April said you were by far the least embarrassing parent on the trip.
Luke: Good. That’s good, right?
Anna: It's a rave. Her friends call you Hagrid.
Luke: Hagrid, really, wow. I, I don’t know what that means.
Anna: He’s a character from Harry Potter. Very big, very hairy, very lovable. It’s a huge compliment.
Luke: Oh ... I will take your word for it.
- Season 6, Episode 20

Anna and Luke have this conversation as she deposits a gaggle of pre-teens at his diner to celebrate their daughter April's birthday. Immediately following Anna's departure, Luke sits the girls down for a stern explanation of party rules: where the girls can and cannot go and the dire consequences that may follow if they don't follow the rules.

It brings to mind a certain scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire involving a Care of Magical Creatures lesson and one of Hagrid's beasties. Though I may not have made the connection without Anna's prompting. Luke serves up the best food in town while Hagrid offers inedible rock cakes. Luke is impatient and surly while Hagrid tends toward cheerfulness.

Still, I can see it. Both have gruff exteriors that belie compassionate, loving hearts. With Hagrid, the gruff exterior is literal. I mean, he's the aforementioned big, hairy, and scary. Plus, he loves monsters. The mythic, three-headed dog kind. Luke's gruffness manifests more in his behavior. Though their fashion merits may be debated, his flannel shirts and backward baseball cap aren't scary, but his tirades can be (see above episode).

That's the beauty of how central literature is in the Gilmore Girls, isn't it? The references help us interpret the characters, and the characters give an opportunity to see how literature lives in the world. We each have our own way of negotiating experiences. We each have our unique protective layer. We may seem different on the surface. But dig a little deeper, and the connections become evident.

Upon reflection, here are five times Luke pulls a Hagrid:

The time Luke listened to self-help tapes. Remember when Hagrid tried to clean himself up for a ball? Neither Luke's nor Hagrid's attempt went quite as intended.

Luke likes to feed people. Just like Hagrid ... except more edible.

Every time Luke drops everything to help others, which is often. You know Hagrid would walk through fire for his crew. Literally.

Remember when Lorelai said, "Once Luke Danes is in your life, he's in your life forever"? Just like Hagrid, Luke will be right there with you through the bitter end or, better yet, the sweet tears-of-joy end.

When Luke cried at Rory's graduation. Hagrid knows real men aren't afraid to cry in public too (see book six).

Okay, friends, help me out here: What other times did Luke pull a Hagrid?

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