Gilmore GIrls Reading Challenge: "Stuart Little" by E. B. White

"It's like having Stuart Little shoved in my ear." - Jess, Gilmore Girls, season three, episode ten
In E.B. White's "Stuart Little," we meet Stuart, the second child born to the Little family. Unlike his human family, Stuart is a mouse. Although a mouse might seem rather unusual as a child or sibling, the Little family accepts Stuart immediately. They make him a bed from a matchbox and make teeny clothes for him. He adores his family, as they adore him, all except the family cat, Snowball, who sees Stuart as a mouse.
Despite his small size, Stuart's adventures are huge and start early in the book. He captains a tiny sailboat in Central Park's boat pond.
He meets a bird named Margalo, who immediately becomes Stuart's friend. Snowball is determined to catch Margalo, but another bird overhears Snowball's plan and warns Margalo, who leaves immediately.
Stuart sets out to find his friend. He meets a man who gives him an invisible tiny car, which he immediately crashes, since he cannot find the button to make it visible. In his quest to find Margalo, his adventures continue. He meets an interesting cast of characters. He discovers the challenges of being a substitute teacher. He meets a young lady who is also teeny and asks her on a date. To see if he finds Margalo, be sure to check out this great book.
Stuart Little has delighted readers for generations. I'm sure most children at some point, can relate to feeling like a tiny mouse in a family of giant humans. While Stuart's quest to find his friend take him on all sorts of adventures, in the process, he finds himself.
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