Wilton Reads 2020: Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Wilton Library welcomes all community members to come together to read, discuss, and reflect upon Tales of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald for our 14th Wilton Reads event. Wilton Reads has, for several years, given us an opportunity through fine literature to sharpen our view of ourselves and the world around us. This year's community-wide read will bring an exploration of jazz and its impact on culture through insightful programming and a collaboration with the Wilton Public Schools.

Sometimes things just come together in a certain way that make it easier for other things to fall in place. Such is the case with Wilton Library's selection of its Wilton Reads 2020 community-wide book this year. With the centennial celebration of the late jazz legend and Wiltonian Dave Brubeck, the announcement of the Brubeck Collection archives coming to Wilton Library, and the collaboration of Wilton Library and Wilton Historical Society's "Jazzed Up - The History of Jazz" lecture series underway, it seems fitting that Wilton Reads 2020 focuses on American jazz - its contribution to music, to American culture, and to social issues and justice.

Tales of the Jazz Age, a compendium of short stories by the august author, delves into American social life and customs during the 20th century using the backdrop of jazz. The Jazz Age world that Fitzgerald so aptly evokes appears in his later masterpiece, The Great Gatsby.

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