Poetry Seminar at Wilton Library Begins Sept. 7

Dr. Gerald Weiss will lead the Wilton Library's next adult literature seminar, Fate and Fury, Fact and Fiction in Ovid's "Heroides," beginning Sept. 7.

The Roman poet Ovid's "Heroides" (i.e. "Heroines") is a collection of 21 fictional letters in Latin verse (elegiac couplets) written by legendary, love-struck mythological heroines to the heroes who have victimized and abandoned them. The letters are the outpourings of females (via a male author) who use a rhetorical style to persuade, plead, praise, condemn, complain, lament, and threaten their lovers in a witty and ironic tone.

We will be reading and discussing four letters associated with characters somehow connected to the Trojan War: Oenone writing to Paris, Helen to Paris, Briseis to Achilles (all from Homer’s "Iliad"), and Dido to Aeneas (from Vergil’s "The Aeneid").

Dr. Gerald Weiss earned both a B.A and an M.A. in Classical Languages from St. Louis University. He pursued graduate studies in Philosophy and Theology at Innsbruck University (Austria) and later at the Gregorian University (Rome, Italy) where he received his Ph.D. While writing his dissertation he taught for a year at the Rome Center of Loyola University of Chicago. Upon returning to the United States, he taught Philosophy/Theology/Religious Studies at Seton Hall, St. Louis and various other universities. He has had one book published and written numerous articles for educational, religious, and spiritual periodicals and journals. Since retiring he has devoted most of his free time to painting and has exhibited some of his works at the Wilton Library.

There is no charge for program. Packets are available at the Circulation Desk. Session dates are Thursday mornings from 10:30 - 12 on Sept. 7, 14, 28, and Oct. 5. Advance registration is required. To register, please click here, or phone (203) 762-6334. By registering for the first session, you will automatically be registered for all four sessions.

Wilton Library is located at 137 Old Ridgefield Road in Wilton, Conn. For more information, visit wiltonlibrary.org.


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