Westport Artists Collective Pop Up Show Happens Sept. 6

The Westport Artists Collective will present a one-day pop-up show on Wednesday, Sept. 6 from 6 – 8 p.m at the Westport Arts Center. The Pop Up is free and open to the public, and will be on view through Saturday, Sept. 9. The Pop Up can also be previewed during the day on Sept. 6.

The Westport Artists Collective Pop Up shows are a reflection of Westport’s creative heritage and are popular events. The Arts Center gives over its space to the Collective three times each year, allowing local artists to showcase their work, and the entire community to show its support.

The Pop Up includes a diverse range of works by fifteen artists in the Artists Collective, selected by the participants in the Winter 2017 Pop Up event.

Selected artists include Howland Blackiston, Kevin Dailey, Jane Fleischner, Mark Gravino, Kathy Gray, Veronica Hofstetter, Emily Laux, Julie Leff, Sandra Meagher, Susan Murray, Donna Osterby-Brien, Lynn Popat, Renee Santhouse, Noah Steinman, and Jane Swergold.  

Amanda Innes, Westport Arts Center’s Executive Director, stated, “We always look forward to our September Collective Pop Up show and warmly welcome our community of artists, collectors, supporters, and friends back from the summer holiday. This is such a great way to usher in a new arts season, celebrating the talent that surrounds us in Westport. It’s a great opportunity for both beginning and experienced collectors to explore new artists, acquire new pieces, and to meet local artists.”

The Westport Artists Collective will also host an Artists Talk at the Westport Arts Center on Saturday, September 9 at 3 p.m. The Artists Talk is free and open to the public. Attendees will gain a behind-the-scenes perspective from several of the Pop Up artists, who will discuss their influences, techniques and works.

The Westport Artists Collective has grown to include 150 members who come together monthly to discuss and develop dynamic art experiences. It serves as a base for Westport Arts Center’s artist members, bringing exciting Pop Up shows and other unique art events to the Arts Center and Fairfield County. There is now a waiting list to join the Collective, a testament to the burgeoning number of artists in our community.

The Westport Arts Center gallery is located at 51 Riverside Avenue in Westport, Conn. For more information, phone (203) 222-7070 or visit westportartscenter.org.


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